Ways to Help Our Fundraising Efforts Without Costing You a Penny

That’s right, you can help out with the Little Miami Select Choirs fundraising efforts without it costing you a penny.

How can that be? There are two different programs we, as a non-profit group, participate in and it will not cost you any extra. We know how many people in our school district already shop at Kroger and Amazon, so it will just take a few extra clicks to get started helping them help us! Continue reading “Ways to Help Our Fundraising Efforts Without Costing You a Penny”

Sash Day!

The high school auditorium was filled with excitement this morning as the Little Miami Select Choir took to the stage for the time-honored tradition of revealing the sash colors of its newest members.  Choir Director Sarah J. Baker presented the sashes to each new member as everyone cheered and squealed as each color was revealed. The sashes are much more than just a random selection of colors and come from a unique gift that Mrs. Baker has that allows her to see a singing voice color.

We asked Mrs. Baker a few questions to give us all some insight on her ability, how the sashes came about and who makes them.

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