Holiday Fundraisers Have Started

The Little Miami Select Choirs have kicked off our annual holiday fundraisers! We invite you to contact one of our members to purchase your Holiday Wreaths from the Mickman Brothers or your Yankee Candle products.

If you want to support us by purchasing your holiday Yankee Candles online, please visit and enter our group number 990086264 to be sure that we get the fundraising $$ we so desperately need this time of year.

Your support means so much to us and benefits every person involved with the Little Miami Select Choirs. These fundraising dollars will lower the cost for everyone’s trip to the Music 4 All National Choir Festival in March of 2018 and other costs associated with our choirs.

You can order so much more than just candles from Yankee Candle. They offer a huge variety of items including gifts, gift-wrapping options, magazine subscriptions and special treats like popcorn. There is truly something for everyone with this fundraiser.

Thanks for supporting our Little Miami Select Choirs programs! We appreciate it!

Here are a few other ways you can support our program without it costing you a $$ — Check them out here.

We also take cash donations through Paypal! you can click the button that says “donate” at the bottom of every page on our website to make a donation with your credit card, paypal balance or bank account. If you wish to donate directly to one of our members, just enter their name in the space provided at Paypal.


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