Greenfield Plant Farm Mum Fundraiser a Great Success!

Susan Brose, LMSC Financial Manager at Greenfield Plant Farm

Susan Brose, our Financial Manager was at the Greenfield Plant Farm last Friday September 15th making sure that everyone could pick up their Mum orders.

It was a great success and we would like to thank everyone who participated in selling and also everyone who ordered these Mums. We would also like to thanks Susan for her dedication to this organization. We couldn’t do what we do without all of you!

We sold a total of 641 Mums this year, our biggest Mum sale yet. The proceeds will benefit the entire choir by lowering the cost of all the trips we will be taking.

Greenfield Plant Farm went above and beyond with these beautiful plants and their customer service for us. They even delivered the Mums to those who had bigger orders, which made it so much easier.

Coupons were given to everyone who picked up orders so if you had yours delivered and didn’t receive a coupon for $5 off at Greenfield, let Susan know and she will be happy to make sure you get one.

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